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The Department of Banking and Finance aims at the qualification of new staff with general knowledge, alert to the challenges in finance, and able to work in banking sector as well as in the administration of local and foreign private companies. The student will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge to operate in Albania and abroad due to the learnt theoretical framework, banking system, Albanian economy, accounting, etc. The department’s objective is to qualify new financers and bankers, supplied with the field knowledge by benefiting from all the achievements of this discipline at the international level.

The degree conferred upon the completion of the undergraduate program is specialist in Banking and Finance/ Bachelor in Banking and Finance. The qualification from this department provides students with knowledge in Banking and Finance, and prepares them with the necessary organizational skills to serve in the public and private banking system.

The system of attendance is full time. A detailed information on the courses offered in the semester schedules are included in the academic plan. The list of departmental must, elective, restricted elective and free-elective courses is provided in details in the academic catalog, including the theoretical lessons, recitation lessons, credits, equivalent credits according to ECTS credit system, and workload of each course. List of courses offered each semester by our department and academic catalog correlate together.

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