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Academic staff evolved in the fulfillment of the academic program is expected to have the following patterns:

-The educational workload for these three years is 180 ECTS credits. The foreign and the Albanian staff is totally dedicated to the well-functioning of the department organization, they are also highly qualified and supplemented with empirical experiences from important institutions in Albania and abroad.

-The basic instructive texts are the most recent editions of books. At the same time, registration in the most important on-line academic journals will facilitate the conduct of research by students, who can navigate freely in these sites. The course syllabus with weekly schedule of the lectures will be given by the instructor at the beginning of the course. Foreign literature will be used during the program studies in BAF, while in BAFAL the Albanian literature will be used.

-In addition to the course schedules, “EPOKA” University will cooperate with important companies and banks in Albania to organize internship for students helping them to better perceive the use of theoretical framework in empirical conditions as well as to enhance their organizational and administrative skills. Moreover due to multimedia lab found in the University, students will be continuously attending video-conferences on various topics, held by distinguished international bankers and head chiefs of different organizations. The format of the academic curriculum of the Banking and Finance department is based on the model of the most well-known universities in the world.

The primary objective of the department is to equip students with a broad understanding of the concepts and principles of banking and finance. We also provide a comprehensive training in the basic analytical tools essential for making decisions in the fields of banking and finance. This department provides students with a wide range of skills and knowledge to equip them to meet the constantly changing challenges facing the modern financial sector and facilitate their achievement for time-to-degree. Our academic programs empower students to become leaders by providing the foundations of essential theory and practice. Graduates of the Department of Banking and Finance have excellent job opportunities in private and government institutions as well as in key ministries and agencies inside and outside of the country. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, students learn to value diversity, think critically, and integrate technology in their preparation for study at the graduate level and for lifelong work. Graduates of this program find that their specialist knowledge is in demand by international banks and finance institutions, legal practices, regulatory institutions and the academic world.

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