Student Workshop Day

May 17th, 2013

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences students under “Entrepreneur Club” organized a workshop series on May 17th, 2013.

Students from Epoka University and University of Tirana attended this workshop series. Together with their moderators they discussed about four topics and at the end from each table a winner group with the best solution regarding the topic was selected.

The first topic “ How social media impact youth today?”, moderator of which was Prof. Njuton Mulleti, was made up of two tables with eight people in it, due to a large number of applicants. From the first table as the winners were chosen Livia Nikolla( Epoka University), Mevlut Hoxha(University of Tirana) and Griseld Osmani (University of Tirana). The winners of the second table were Arselda Gjura(Epoka University) and Olesia Gjergji(Epoka University).

The second topic “What are the major challenges that young entrepreneurs are facing nowadays in Albania” was moderated by Prof. Dr. Gungor Turan and Assist. Prof. Dr. Urmat Ryskulov. This topic was also made up of two tables. From the the first table the winner was the group of Denisa Dedej(Epoka University) and Iris Kruja(Epoka University). While in the second table the winners were Arlinda Binaj (University of Tirana) and Marjola Krusa (University of Tirana).

The third topic “Are men and women facing the same degree of discrimination before a job interview?” was moderated by our professor PhD Candidate Reina Shehi. After a long discussion, the winners were chosen Anxhela Haxhihyseni(Epoka University) and  Isuena Kapllani (Epoka University).

The fourth topics, “(Go to market)-How will your costumers find you? How will you find them?” winners were chosen Frida Rica (Epoka University) and Ervin Latifi (Epoka University). The moderator of this topic was Mr. Florian Tahiri.

After the workshop session an open barbecue was organized for all the participants and the moderators.

This was the first workshop of this kind organized by Epoka’s students and we would like to encourage all the students to participate in these kinds of events as much as they can.