Student Company Visits Vodafone Albania

December 2nd, 2016

Student Company Visits  Vodafone Albania

Student Company Visits Vodafone Albania

In the framework of the activity agenda of the Epoka Entrepreneur Club in collaboration with the Banking and Finance Department, the Student Company Visit was organized in the 2nd of December at the premises of head offices of Vodafone Albania Company. The aim is to give to the student exposure to current work and provide a great opportunity to interact with industries and know more about industrial environment.

There were 9 great students of 3rd year Banking and Finance and Business Informatics Departments participating, accompanied by their Advisor Mrs. Imeraj. The staff of Vodafone welcomed the students very warmly and despite the tour to the premises of their offices with the presentation of each office duty and job, they had prepared a presentation regarding a program for Graduates. Graduate Program of Vodafone Albania gave the opportunity to succeed many graduates of Epoka University. 

Discover Albania is a program organized from Vodafone Albania, which give opportunity to the good graduates to have a 2 year experience in Vodafone Company. The Discover Program will provide graduate with an accelerated career path. The program is committed to developing and inspiring fresh talent so they can expect plenty of support and guidance as they develop their skills in the chosen field. Absolutely, the program was a great interest to the 9 participating students and the staff of Vodafone. 

The whole visit was a good experience and opportunity for the students and Epoka Entrepreneur Club wish them the best of luck in their post graduation journey!