Student Company Visits Abissnet

December 2nd, 2016

Student Company Visits  Abissnet

Student Company Visits Abissnet

Epoka Entrepreneur Club in collaboration with the Banking and Finance Department has organized a chain of Student Company Visits for the Academic Year of 2016 – 2017. Primarily, in focus of participation are students of the Banking and Finance in Albanian language, but not only. The objective of this event is to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies, gives them opportunity to go beyond academics and have a practical perspective of the labor market.

The first visit was organized at ABISSNET Company premises on 2nd of December. There were 11 students of 3rd year of Banking and Finance in Albanian language program participating with their Academic Advisor Mrs. Erinda Imeraj. The visit provided a great surprise regarding the hosting staff of Abissnet. Epoka University Graduate Mrs. Emirjona Huti, now specialist of Human Recourses at Abissnet gave a warm welcoming speech for the students and accompanied them in the premises of the company, while explaining to them in details the real chain of work there. The whole visit had the aim to convert the discussion with the students as a Training Seminar regarding the CV preparation, applications and job interviews, while having examples of different interviews gone bad or great. In the end a certificate of participation was distributed to each of the students, which came to them very good, while other collaborations are expected to continue with Abissnet in coming events of the club.

The chain of the Students Company Visit will continue in different other companies, banks and institutions of Albania, with the great support of the Banking and Finance Department and Dean of Students of Epoka University.