Roundtable on “Innovation” with Mr. Akil KRAJA, the Director of SME & Export Development Department (AIDA)

May 24th, 2013

The Director of SME & Export Development Department of Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), Mr. Akil KRAJA visited Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Epoka University on May 23, 2013 and discussed with the full-time members of academic staff at the Roundtable, which was organized by Faculty. He was invited to present and provide the further information about “Enhancing Competitiveness of SME-s Through Innovation” in Albania.  Mr. KRAJA congratulated the initiative to organize Roundtable on “Innovation” and also thanked the Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Prof. Dr. Güngör TURAN.

At the beginning of the discussion with the full-time members of academic staff of Faculty, Mr. KRAJA made a presentation Why Business Innovation is Important? The purpose of innovation, Innovation in SME’s, Benefits of Innovation, A few examples of innovation and why innovation fails.

Discussing with the full-time members of academic staff he noted the Innovation Fund, Maximum Financing, and Who Can Apply for Such Grant, What Can be Financed, What is the Grant Scheme for Granting, Audit of Innovation and Technology, International Technology.

The Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) was founded and operates on the basis of Law no. 10303 dated 15 July 2010“On the creation and organization of Albanian Investment Development Agency.”

Aidas main objectives are attracting foreign investment, increase the competitiveness of the Albanian economy through the support for small and medium sized enterprises, as well as innovation.

The direct contribution of Aida in economic development is evidenced through:

  • Facilitation and support of direct investments in Albania;
  • Increase the competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs;
  • Encouragement and support to exports of goods and services;

AIDA offers to foreign and domestic investors, comprehensive support for their investment projects. Its qualified staff assists not only with market analysis, potential sectors for investment, but also with advice on finding suitable properties and locations, as well as helping to identify new and existing projects.

AIDA also provides aftercare services aiming to meet successfully the demands of foreign investors after the successful completion of projects.