Open Lecture on the Banking System with Dr. Faidon Kalfaoglu

December 11th, 2017

On Tuesday, 05/12/2017, Department of Banking and Finance in collaboration with Finance students’ club organized an Open Lecture on the banking system. Our guest, Dr. Faidon Kalfaoglu, shared his insights about the functioning of banking industry as one of the most consolidated industries based on his long experience gained at the Bank of Greece. He shared with the his long experience of more than 27 years as part of the departments of Banking Supervision and Economic Analysis and Research at the Greek Central Bank by also mentioning the role of European Central Bank as an umbrella institution.

Dr. Kalfaoglu made a general presentation of how the banking system functions and then concentrated on the regulatory procedures. He talked about the risks that banks face and the need for macro and micro prudential regulation. Part of the discussion was also the Basel Agreement and the improvements that it brought to the process of supervision by always adopting new features, as shown on the capital adequacy ratio. Dr. Kalfaoglu also offered valuable examples and comparisons to make all the discussion more attractive and beneficial.

We want to thank Dr. Faidon Kalfaoglu for his valuable contribution and interactive discussion.