FEAS Starts the Implementation of the “Interactive Staff Training Seminars 2013”

May 18th, 2013


The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences started on May 18, 2013 the implementation of the first session of “Interactive Staff Training Seminars 2013”. This seminar was held for all full time Faculty Academic members and PhD students of Faculty and was based on Time Management and Weekly Planners, Redefining the Role of Education, Teaching Methods, Innovative Teaching Methods, Preparation for Teaching, Power of humor in Teaching, Being good role models, Tips on Stress Management, Effective Communication with Students, Audience Handling, Learning objectives (competencies) etc..

The Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Prof. Dr. Güngör TURAN congratulated the participants and listed some of the main opportunities and benefits of attending the seminar. Prof. Dr. TURAN noted the importance of these kinds of training seminars in the context of preparing our staff and PhD students on being successful in their academic career.

The seminar was followed by discussions and exchange of views between participants and Moderator Assist. Prof. Dr. Bekir Çinar with a particular focus on Time Management and Weekly Planners, Redefining the Role of Education, teaching methods in compliance with the demands of the labor market as well as life-long learning and continuous education activities which will have a positive contribution in the employability of university graduates as well as the continuous qualification of the Albanian labor force in line with international developments.