FEAS “Conflict Resolution” club passed to the Semi-Finals

March 22nd, 2013

A group from “Conflict Resolution” club of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences participated on the Challenging Future Competition, an International organized summit in Slovenia. Challenge the Future Competition 2013 was a global think-DO-tank. It engages youth in sustainability innovation for tomorrow while creating positive impact today. This competition had members from 213 countries who participate in solving hundreds of real problems while obtaining real skills, leadership opportunities and providing experience.

The Women’s Leadership Team represented Epoka University, consisted of 3 members who are students of Political Science and International Relations, Ms. Emirjona Huti, Ms. Griselda Liçi, Ms. Dea Dhima and their Mentor was the Research Assistant of Business Administration Department Ms. Sonila Gruda. Their project was about FUTURE ROBONANNY. The participants had to vote and comment over the preferred ideas and also the particular jury had to select the teams to the Semi-Final Level. Our team accomplished to pass successfully the Semi- Final level supported by many votes and the jury.

Together we are more, together we can.