DREAM BUSINESS 2014, Second International Competition among High School Students

February 16th, 2014

Second International Competition among High School Students is an international competition exclusively focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. This competition aims to select students with excellent results and talented, mainly in the field of business and entrepreneurship. "DREAM BUSINESS 2014" competition is an opportunity for all high school students (public or private), licensed by the Ministry of Education and Sports, or equivalent institutions in other countries in the region, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, etc. Epoka University through this competition aims to select and support talented students throughout the study period and in their professional careers or academic by offered scholarships.


  • Innovation and Technology
  • Business Plan
  • New Branding Idea
  • Green Economics
  • Women Leaders
  • Creation of a New Industry
  • Franchising
  • Entrepreneurship and Growth
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics
  • E-business

1st STAGE: Call of Abstract (Application Period): February 01 – April 19, 2014

In the first round of the competition students are asked to create and envision their dream job or dream company. It is all about innovative ideas. It can be the creation of a new business which makes them a new entrepreneur or generate an existing idea in the home country.

2nd STAGE: Announcement of 10 best projects - May 02, 2014

COMPETITION – May 06, 2014 (Project Presentation)


  • 1st Best Project 75 % scholarship
  • 2nd Best Project 50 % scholarship
  • 3rd Best Project 25 % scholarship

*Scholarships are available only for Business Administration and International Marketing and Logistic study programs.

Please send the projects to this email address: dreambusiness@epoka.edu.al or sgruda@epoka.edu.al